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Aman Bhutani : #GoDaddy CEO’s .com #domain passed through #HugeDomains

GoDaddy has a fresh CEO, Aman Bhutani, and yesterday he clocked 3 weeks at his job.

Bhutani’s eloquence was evident during a much hyped new product presentation at GoDaddy, called “WebSites Plus Marketing” that is basically a set of web templates to be used by customers, and some basic SEO tools.

Nothing ground-breaking here.

What’s newsworthy, is that the matching domain name, AmanBhutani.com, was most likely sold to the GoDaddy CEO via Huge Domains.

First, the sad part of the story: Another Aman Bhutani, a photographer, did not renew their domain name and Huge Domains appears to have bid on GoDaddy auctions acquiring it on July 31, 2018.

The domain AmanBhutani.com remained in the Huge Domains inventory of more than 5 million domain names, until August 1, 2019. On that date, WHOIS information went private, still retaining the Huge Domains DNS settings.

Aman Bhutani – GoDaddy CEO

On that same date, GoDaddy announced the appointing of Aman Bhutani as their new CEO.

So is the change in the WHOIS on that same day coincidental?

We don’t believe so.

Either the domain has already been sold, or Huge Domains still owns it, hiding its registrant information, for obvious reasons! 😀

Surely Mr. Bhutani can afford to buy this domain, even with less than a month actively running the biggest domain registrar in the known cosmos.

Update: Information provided by Jamie Zoch of DotWeekly, shows that Huge Domains most likely sold the domain, for $1,795 dollars!

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