Amazon’s #GuardDuty launched with no matching .com; #Sedo to claim #domain sale

When you’re as huge as Amazon is, it’s all about your brand; GuardDuty is one of the latest products in the highly profitable AWS range.

It’s no secret that Amazon is making the bulk of its money from AWS, its successful galaxy of cloud services. The market place is competing against mega-retailer Wal-Mart, driving prices – and revenue – down.

What is GuardDuty, that Amazon just announced?

According to the reports, it’s a new threat detection service to protect AWS users from ongoing threats. By utilizing algorithms to train its AI efficiency, GuardDuty identifies issues, and provides alerts and suggestions to help mitigate these issues.

In doing so, Amazon didn’t launch having secured the domain, which was still up for sale at Sedo when the announcement for GuardDuty was made. Initially, Amazon went with, which was registered just two days ago.

As of today, the domain is pending transfer, indicating that it was sold; we’ll have to wait and see if Amazon ponied up hard cash and bought it. Registered in 2001 by a registrar in Hong Kong, was most likely in reference to “guard duty,” a military assignment role.

Read more information about the new AWS GuardDuty from Amazon.

Or watch the video below:

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