Americans own the majority of LL .com domains


China owns many LL .com domains but the majority are in American hands.

American domain investors, entrepreneurs and companies own – for now – the majority of so-called “Chinese premium”, two letter (LL) .com domain names.

That’s the result of data analysis performed by expert Canadian domain investor, George Kirikos.

Chinese premium letters form a subset of the Latin alphabet, which excludes the letters A, E, I, O, U and V.

According to Kirikos, out of all possible two letter .com permutations, the current ownership breakdown is as follows:

  • Chinese registrants own 130 LL .com domains, or 19.2%
  • Americans own 379 LL .com domains, or 56.1%
  • Americans own 209 “Chinese premium” LL .com domains, or 52.2%
  • Chinese registrants own 102 “Chinese premium” LL .com domains, or 25.5%
  • British own 21 “Chinese premium” LL .com domains
  • Canadians own 15 “Chinese premium” LL .com domain names

George Kirikos also revealed that the domain appears to be another unreported LL .com to have been sold.

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