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Ammar Kubba reaching #domainer nirvana after meditating for 45 days

Domain investor, entrepreneur, and all-around great guy, Ammar Kubba, has finally reached the soteriological level of nirvana.

The hard-working domainer maintained a high spiritual state of tantric energy, hitting this high peak after 45 days and nights.

Taking a break from this cosmic tantric state, Ammar logged into his Twitter account, and shared the great news:

“Today is my 45th consecutive day of meditation… my longest streak ever. I can say, without a doubt, that I am better for it. Next goal is to make it to the end of the year without missing a day. Who else out there has a regular practice? #meditation #mindfulness #BeBetter”

News of Ammar’s spiritual elevation reached as far as Tibet, with the Dalai Lama tweeting the following in response:

“Tackling destructive emotions and practicing loving-kindness is how we should live in the here and now. I am convinced we can become happier individuals, happier communities and a happier humanity by cultivating a warm heart, allowing our better selves to prevail.”

Let these messages lead the path to soulful liberation for all domain investors struggling to come to terms with a certain domain registry.

Ammar Kubba on the far right, after reaching nirvana

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