Andee Hill: One day at will convince you we’re an 100% dedicated domain escrow

Andee Hill’s successful launch of as a domain escrow service, wasn’t a random act; the decision to become an independent escrow broker was a lifetime desire for professional independence.

We asked Ammar Kubba, founder of, to step into Andee Hill’s shoes for a day at, and Ammar accepted the challenge.


“The hardest part was wearing a blonde wig and a size 8 dress,” said Ammar, whose prior transformation was evident at the best Domainer selfie ever.

“Otherwise, I can say that I enjoyed dealing with EscrowHill customers and handled transactions personally, the way Andee does it: with gusto and dedication!” exclaimed Ammar, carefully removing his red lipstick.

Ammar’s experience at was by no means an act of industrial spying; the ever-busy domain investor and entrepreneur is an honest businessman and a dear friend of Andee’s.

“Ammar is a great guy, and just because we’re both working on providing the same services, does not mean we cannot support and encourage eachother!” said Andee Hill, helping Ammar out of his tight dress.

In June, Andee will work for a day at, to return the favor. She will have to shave her head, obviously.


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