Andy #Milonakis : Bullshit, that’s my #domain they want $2k for!

Greek-American comedian, Andy Milonakis, wasn’t happy yesterday, after discovering that his exact name as a .com,, is up for sale at Afternic.

Said Andy Milonakis on Twitter:

what kinda bullshit is this? 2k for my own name as a domain?

Milonakis posted a screenshot of the GoDaddy availability, showing the asking price of $1,999 dollars. This is an aftermarket domain, obviously, and the truth is that Andy Milonakis didn’t pay to renew it.

So what happened here?

Andy Milonakis, former owner of

The domain name was first registered in 2001, but the WHOIS information from that time appears to be bogus. By 2007, WHOIS records show “Andy Milonakis” as the registrant, with an address in Santa Monica, California.

The domain seems to have remained in Andy’s possession until 2016, when it dropped. A DropCatch auction later, turned up in the possession of someone from Costa Rica, who listed it for sale.

The 43 year old was 27 when he rose to Internet fame with his video “The Super Bowl is Gay.” Since then, Andy has been successful with several acting gigs and his own comedy shows, along with more slapstick songs and videos.

Will Andy Milonakis be able to reclaim his .com via some legal means? Quite likely, but it’d probably be cheaper to spend $2k for the domain he let expire.

In the meantime, enjoy a video from his visit to Crete in 2015, where his father was born.

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