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Angela St. Julien: This is why I came to NamesCon

Angela St. Julien has a captivating smile; the busy entrepreneur and mother of two shared it many times during NamesCon, the biggest domain conference in Las Vegas.

As the owner of Brand.bar, a brand boutique and domain showcase business in Austin, Texas, Angela St. Julien cannot hide her enthusiasm about the opportunities that opened for her at NamesCon.

“When I started with domain investing a year and a half ago, I made the usual mistakes beginners do. I’m an avid reader and soon I had consumed every printed book or other resource available on the market.

I’m a child of the 90’s and did not have the opportunity to invest in domains back when they became available. The launch of several new gTLDs in 2014 changed that, and GoDaddy played a major role in promoting and advertising every new gTLD available.”

Angela utilizes GoToMeeting to operate her business, Brand.bar, as a club of domain investors that communicate frequently about new developments in the domain arena. Currently, the club uses Facebook to keep its members connected.

Registry support is what makes or breaks a particular gTLD, says Angela. Her favorite is dot .CLUB, as the Registry stands behind domain registrants and promotes the gTLD to the general public.

Angela came to NamesCon realizing that her business ventures would strongly benefit from the alliances, face to face meetings, and extensive material shared among other participants of the domain conference.

“I’m planning for the future, and one has to adapt fast. After just two days, I feel empowered and better equipped to take on many new challenges. I recently formed my own corporation and the feedback from other domain investors has been tremendous. Developing my premium domains is the next logical step.”

Angela St. Julien’s short break away from her family is a great paradigm of how energizing domain conferences can be for newcomers to the industry.

“My domain investments are reserved long-term, and the mistakes I made as a rookie domain investor are being corrected early on. Having the opportunity to receive solid advice, and to talk to experienced domainers, to listen and learn from those with years of hard work, this is why I came to NamesCon.”

Many thanks, Angela, for this interview and for all the great thoughts and aspirations you shared with us. We wish you all the best for the future.

For more information, visit Angela’s web site, at Brand.bar.

Angela St. Julien - Brand.bar

Angela St. Julien – Brand.bar

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