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Anti-business Puritans demand a Burqa for every Domainer!


We said it in the past and we will say it again: some people in the domain business are far too conservative to be considered part of business innovation and promotional evolution.

It was 2002 when we first utilized female imagery to promote and successfully sell domain names. No, we were not using nudity or pornography.

A female body’s luscious curves, covered by clothes, a provocative pose, a suggestive look and long, curly hair – these are elements that *do* sell. Otherwise, exotic dancers would be out of work.

Too much ado about nothing, you might say. However, it seems that those domainer puritans hit again, this time assaulting both the DomainTools campaign banner used here on DomainGang.com and the Domaining.com banner created for an ad campaign by Francois Carrillo, which appeared on DNForum.

So last month we explained how the effective use of suggestive elements can help increase your CTR significantly; the ad campaign used by Francois and his newsletter proves that. In his own words, Francois said:

“Ad conversion for Domaining.com in this forum is good whatever creative we use because DNForum.com has a targeted audience (domain enthousiasts and domainers). So our interest is simply improve the CTR because more clicks we get more sign ups we generate, it’s mathematical. Theo as allways made us a good banner, enough provocative/funny to generate attention and clicks while staying acceptable.”

However, we decided to redo the ad yet again, this time opting out of the Westernized prototype of what constitutes appealing imagery. The alternative ad appears below – the green color used has a name: Islamic Green.

BEFORE: Shock and horror! A navel is showing and suggestive words promote users to click!

AFTER: A proper, puritan and Muslim-appropriate version with pleasant imagery and words!

Which banner do you like the most?

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5 Responses to “Anti-business Puritans demand a Burqa for every Domainer!”
  1. James says:

    Excellent parody 🙂 Whoever didn’t like the first one should STFU.

  2. Francois says:

    That you want it or no, domaining is stil a business of men.
    And you don’t attract eskimos with ice creams!

    While staying correct, woman image is still what better make react mens.

    Both banners are great in fact, both use the woman image to attract attention.
    The main difference is the first one try to add a comic dose playing with the slogan while the second play with suggestion letting you imagine a nice arab girl.

  3. JB says:

    Yeah, I don’t get those puritans. I mean, why not just have naked women on banners with a slogan like ‘Click softly on the nipples’. I’m sure it would get lots of click throughs, don’t people understand these are elements that sell? Like Francois said, domaining is still a business of men. Rock on!

  4. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    JB – Why don’t you do that then? It’s a free country. Unless of course, you live in Iran.

    No, I think the banners are wrong, after all.

    They should say: Kiss her ass …or stay in the dog house!

  5. BullS says:

    Yo- you cannot tell until you put your fingers in their “holes”
    Wearing the burqa does not mean they are females!!!

    So be careful my friends when someone approaches you wearing the full black costume

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