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Anything goes in ECOP domain escrow – Says Francois!


ECOP.com now offers custom domain escrow contracts.

Ah, it’s almost October in beautiful France; the trees are “fantastique” and the smell of freshly caught fish, brie cheese and burgundy wine is “orgasmique“.

Back to domaining: Francois of Domaining.com is now able to offer customized domain escrow contracts at his escrow web site, ECOP.com

“We escrow virtually any kind of transaction at ECOP.com from the most simple to the most original, people just have to put in http://www.ecop.com/escrow/ what they want to do”, says Francois looking very serious.

And indeed he is, because domain escrow is a serious business that is served with a French touch, at ECOP.com

C’est magnifique! 😀

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2 Responses to “Anything goes in ECOP domain escrow – Says Francois!”
  1. BullS says:

    Hope he can save the Greek financial meltdown too.

  2. Francois does a great thing for me over the past few months. I was welcomed into his directory and Domaining with my small marketplace, plus I moved 4 small sales on Cax.com over the past 6 weeks.

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