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Apple: New iPad most likely iPad HD but the dot com is taken

iPad HD will make most men happy with its performance and features.

Apple does it again; according to various sources such as Gizmodo the upcoming third re-incarnation of the Apple iPad won’t be called iPad 3.

The name will most likely be iPad HD, due to the increased high definition resolution of the device’s screen and HD video support.

The problem is, the domain name iPadHD.com has already been registered; in fact, it was registered two months before the original iPad was released – according to top WHOIS tool, DomainTools.

Although Apple retains a registered trademark for iPad in the US, it does not even own iPad.com

While many anticipate the new iPad “3” from Apple, the name iPad HD might call some confusion but it will definitely provide a constant traffic flow to the domain iPadHD.com

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