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Are you a lawyer? Don’t make these domain name mistakes

Law firms needing to establish their online presence require clean-sounding, easy to remember domain names.

Whether it’s a brandable, or a name representing the lawyer’s full name, choosing the right domain name can be a complex task.

In an article about domain name choices for law firms, Ross Fishman, CEO of Fishman Marketing, offers some very solid advice, all while sharing the domain queries he performed at GoDaddy.com.

Domain law.

Titled, “Top 10 Most-Common Domain Name Mistakes – and how to fix them,” this domain rebranding tutorial covers such issues:

  • You still need www. as the prefix.
  • Your firm domain name isn’t your street name.
  • If your name is taken, add “law.”
  • Don’t forget the permutations.
  • What to do if your first name is too common

In the article, Ross lays out the fundamentals of domain names for any business, not just law firms.

For the first 5 domain-naming mistakes, click here to read the article.

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