Art of Darkness : New #security report by #Neustar tackles #DDoS threats

It’s a time and era where domain names can’t survive without an established policy that understands and tackles digital threats.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks cost companies worldwide billions of dollars collectively.

Neustar, a provider of services identifying, addressing and combating DDoS attacks, has released a new report named, “Art of Darkness.

This white paper and report provides valuable, up to date information on the challenges faced by security processionals, domain admins and other domain experts.

According to Neustar’s Matt Wilson, in a typical DDoS attack, a large amount of data or traffic is sent to the targeted   website, effectively crashing its servers and denying users access to its services.

For the criminally minded hacker, the ensuing disruption is only the beginning. “The attack is implemented to distract,” Wilson explains. “It’s intended to consume resources and IT attention, while an entirely different activity is taking place.”

This might be the insertion of malware or the theft of personal information for future phishing expeditions. Another cybersecurity expert compared it to setting a fire in the front yard of a house, then slipping in through the back door. The criminals are simply following the money.

In the age of big data, as more of our lives are conducted over the Internet, attacks designed to block access to our favorite websites, or to use DDoS attacks as a front for identity theft, have become increasingly lucrative. The  phenomenon is sometimes referred to as a “Dark DDoS attack” because its true purpose, data exfiltration, remains largely hidden.

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