As 2009 ends, lots of crap domains are being offered for sale

Not every fish's eggs can be turned into caviar.

It’s the end of year sale! yells one domain blogger.

No domains over $1,000 – shouts another.

You guessed it: as the end of the year is nigh, lots of domains are being offered via various direct venues and blogs; at various prices, trying to take advantage of the slowest end of the season when buying activity reaches its nadir.

A bargain?

Unfortunately, the majority of these domains are utter crap.

Actually, let me rephrase that. The domains currently on sale via various blogs, citing “discounts” and “bargains” are the crappiest quality names one can waste their money on.

The reason is simple.

During the first three months of 2010, several large domainer conventions will occur, each offering the opportunity to sellers to pitch a direct sale to potential buyers, some of which have deep pockets. Hence, quality domains are pretty much locked down for at least until the end of April due to the exclusive sale contracts imposed by most auction venues.

Since quality names are saved for the upcoming conferences, the riff raff are currently being offered in an effort to dispose of these domains in bulk.

To give you an indication of quality, it’s as if caviar is saved for DomainFest, TRAFFIC and Domainer Mardi Gras – all while fish guts and tails are being on sale through several blogs currently.

Domainers are thus advised to save their money and bid on quality domains through the various auction venues instead.

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7 Responses to “As 2009 ends, lots of crap domains are being offered for sale”
  1. Jeff says:

    And I thought that this blog was a satire – I never expected to see an article that speaks the truth so bluntly 🙂

  2. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Satire speaks the truth to those that accept it 😀

  3. Korey says:

    That is sooooo true. I’ve seen those special offers that sadly come from people who the world considers to be “seasoned” domainers. They are peddling a bunch of crap that’s not worth reg fee!

  4. Crap or not is up to the buyer.

    Domain Names are like beauty. What I say beautiful might not for you and vise versa.

    You can determine a domain to be crap with statistic. But it is not the end. As many brains out there have many different ideas. Your crap could be a goldmine for others.

  5. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Oh, on the contrary. Domains are not like beauty. There are standards and methods of determining the de facto value of a domain, based on established “recipes” and existing sales. Crap names will always be crappy names, no matter how much makeup one puts on them.

    Regardless, this post was not about good names and bad names – it was about the load of completely crap domains being offered as “of value” at the end of the year.

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