As folds launches brand new platform

As we have said before, a business that does not evolve is destined to fail.

Time and again, DomainState.comhistorically the 3rd oldest domain forum after DNForum & DomainGator – has failed to display an ounce of commercial wisdom; all while its three owners/moderators have been praised as “uber domainers” by members of that sleepy community.

Unfortunately, throughout the seven years of its existence, DomainState’s lack of any attempt to monetize its traffic or generate advertising revenue has caused its active traffic and user participation to drop substantially.

That, combined with the fact that in an attempt to keep the forum under the wraps of strict moderation – some would call it stupidity – the “Three Amigos” have blocked Google bots from scanning the forum; an SEO suicide.

Meanwhile, DNForum.comthe biggest domain name forum in the known universe – is ramping up its efforts for world domination. Armed with a switch to the stable version of vBulletin 4.0 and a new, lightweight skin, enters 2010 with a vision and a plan.

Under Adam Dicker’s leadership, a group of capable & savvy moderators assist in making the DNForum community a live, active place where sales take place, domainers exchange opinions, insight and advice – a domain name forum that does not merely exist as a projection of the owner’s ego.

Unlike which is going on sale at an on-site auction in the coming days, DNForum’s value is immense to the domain community and its fanatic supporters who have made it the number one domain name forum.

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8 Responses to “As folds launches brand new platform”
  1. Adam Dicker says:

    Thank you for your kind words. Your participation as well and many others help make dnforum what it is today.


  2. Shane says:

    Kiss Ass, you’re just trying to make up for your last post. LOL But seriously, you’re starting to get confusing. Funny, serious, funny Parody and straight don’t mix

  3. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Shane – I’m glad you’re confused 😀 That means you need to dig deeper into what DomainGang is all about. Shame you won’t be at TRAFFIC in Vegas?

    Adam – it’s been a pleasure all these years.

  4. Shane says:

    I’m still trying to get to Traffic. I just need a two day pass. Too cheap to pay full price for missing first day.

  5. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    It never hurts talking to Rick Latona about it, he’s been extra accommodating with most requests 😀

  6. Shane says:

    We’re in. I’m going to be there late Thursday. Rick was more than helpful and I was able to work out my schedule to hit one conference, hop on a plane and do the next.

  7. Bobby Cakes says:

    One fact that most pitiful domain sardines ” are msiiing is that 2 of the DS forum owners are selfmade Millionaires thanks to domains as well as a few of the memebrs that stuck there since day one , they could care less of what happens next…
    With parking in its last grasps and only the Big people with premium domains making sales (most coudln’t care less for forums)
    what’s left it’s a cannibalsitc enviroment where dominers and forum/blogs owners prey upon other domainers…. all forums are bored places now.

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