As TRAFFIC unfolds in Las Vegas, domainer arrives at Domainer Mardi Gras

Raymond “Krash” Krutzer is a self-proclaimed domainer conference junkie, who has attended more than 25 domainer conferences worldwide.

His goal is to “be with the best” in the domain industry and his social mantra appears to match the amount of money he has spent over the years, purchasing tickets to domainer conferences.

As TRAFFIC Las Vegas unfolds, Raymond Krutzer has landed in New Orleans, in an apparent confusion in his conference schedule. Raymond’s confusion over Domainer Mardi Gras and TRAFFIC’s dates led to his sole appearance.

“So I enter the Marriott and I’m expecting this huge domainer crowd, I am looking around to see Donny and Michael from and their booth is nowhere to be found. I was like, ‘WTF?’ All that was there was hotel staff bored out of their minds!”, says Raymond clearly upset over this unfortunate error.

With the proliferation of domaining as a money-making lifestyle, the amount of domainer conferences has multiplied several times over in the current years and domainers are having a hard time keeping track of all the new additions.

Just this past week two new events were announced: Domainers That Love Cheese, to take place in Oshkosh Wisconsin and Slap Dat Domain Up, in Detroit’s southside.

A solution offered at is a new approach to organizing your domainer schedule, so check it out before you make the same mistake Raymond did.

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