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Attorney Marc Randazza: First Amendment rights and the Donald Sterling incident

IP attorney and domainer advocate, Marc Randazza has appeared on CNN before; focusing on matters related to free speech rights as it pertains to media and famous cases.

Marc Randazza, managing partner of the Randazza Legal Group, was written an op-ed on CNN.com, regarding the Donald Sterling incident.


Randazza states that while some of Sterling’s rights were violated, his First Amendment rights remain intact:

“The First Amendment protects you from the government punishing you because of your speech. The NBA is a private club, and it can discipline Sterling all it wants. […] The First Amendment does not insulate you from criticism. In fact, that’s the First Amendment in action. That is how the marketplace of ideas works. We float our ideas in the marketplace, and we see which idea sells.”

It is great reading such information from a reputable source, such as attorney Marc Randazza.

For the full article, “What happened to Sterling was morally wrong”, click here.

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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