Aussie investor, Sidney Feelmore, bitten by ‘rabid’ domainer

Australian domain investor and multi-level farmer, Sidney Feelmore, was in the Royal Hospital in Queensland, Australia yesterday, following an unfortunate confrontation with a former customer.

Grimacing from pain after being treated for several bites, Feelmore was given a tetanus shot and a hefty round of antibiotics.

“Crikey, got some serious marks on me hand, mate, my wife would think I visited the lasses, while honest to God, that whacker bit down hard on me, mate!”

As news circulated about the incident, an arrest was made; former customer, Duke McSowland bit Feelmore while on a heated argument over parking revenue drops, at a local gathering of Australian domainers.

“I was gobsmacked when he assaulted me over $14 dollars and 75 cents of revenue loss during the past week, he said I robbed him. Those domainers are animals mate!” exclaimed Sidney Feelmore, from the hospital bed.

While charges will be pressed automatically by the Australian police, Sidney Feelmore hinted that he might not pursue any legal action himself:

“Look mate, here in Australia don’t be going around speaking the truth or some wanker off his rocker might bite you, not worth it mate! I’ll just give the lad his money, and off he’ll go. Crikey! The pain!”

Feelmore’s company, Farmers’ Logic, is expected to remain closed for the best part of next week.

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