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Austrian domainer dies before Mike Mann challenge

Klaus Schlimmerburger during one of his domain registration warm-up sessions.

Klaus Schlimmerburger – the Austrian domainer from the city of Fucking – died yesterday, according to Austrian magazine Profil.

In April, Schlimmerburger challenged Mike Mann’s feat of registering several thousand domain names in one day; he planned an attempt to break the world record in October.

“Klaus vas un klein kind in heart, not big in brain, he will missed”, said his cousin, Axel Baumfeister.

“He verked at ze Lego factory, then home und train for break ze domain record, day und nacht. Unfortunately, he ist kaput.”

According to Profil Magazin, Schlimmerburger died of a heart attack while eating his supper, which consisted of 4 lbs of ground beef, mashed potatoes and red pickled cabbage – an Austrian delicacy – washed down with a liter of beer.

Mike Mann’s record will thus remain unchallenged for now. Our condolences to the family of Klaus Schlimmerburger.

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2 Responses to “Austrian domainer dies before Mike Mann challenge”
  1. Steve J. says:

    jesus fking christ, this guy is huge…

  2. Lucius "Gunz" Fabrice says:

    Steve J. – “Was huge” seems to be more accurate. RIP, Klaus.

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