#AutoDNS by InterNetX: Interview with the makers of a paradigm-shifting #domain management platform

InterNetX spans more than two decades of active design and development of domain name and hosting solutions. The German company has more than 3.8 million domains under management, including all available ccTLDs and gTLDs.

With more than 3,000 hosted servers, InterNetX is one of the most successful providers for resellers and professional users on the international market.

AutoDNS is one of the application platforms created by InterNetX. It has been under development since the early beginnings of the company, and we reached out to InterNetX to discuss the functions and features of AutoDNS in more detail. The responses were provided by Nadine Jaeger, Communications Manager at InterNetX.

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DomainGang: What is the AutoDNS platform, and who is it aimed at?

Nadine Jaeger / InterNetX: AutoDNS is a domain platform developed by InterNetX for domain professionals. It has been under continuous development since 1998. Currently we are in the 4th generation of development and have reached the end of the beta phase.

As a domain platform, AutoDNS, like most user interfaces, maps the entire domain life cycle: registering, updating, transferring, restoring, auto-renewing or deleting domains, zoning entries etc.

The big difference to other providers is that you can handle the entire domain business in one place and not only the domain management. You can also buy, sell, park, analyze, monitor and rate domains as well as scan root zones directly.

Thanks to efficient filter functions, you can keep a very clear overview of your entire domain portfolio – regardless of whether you manage a few hundred, several thousand or even hundreds of thousands of domains.

AutoDNS is the right tool for many different use cases:

  • For domainers and domain investors: connect external registrars and manage them in one interface; park domains directly or place them for sale on the Sedo Marketplace; domain appraisal
  • For registrars: complete branding of the interface and own customer administration; access to over 1,000 TLDs; all products are white-labeled; JSON API available
  • For brand & domain managers: domain audit and domain consolidation

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DomainGang: Can AutoDNS be considered a super-Registrar?

Nadine Jaeger / InterNetX: Absolutely! We are an ICANN accredited registrar and are also directly accredited with more than 200 registries.

As you can manage all domains via AutoDNS, even if they are not registered at InterNetX, it is a solution that adds value to all domainers.

Since we are open to other registrars and can interface with them, it is possible for the user to manage the entire domain portfolio through a single login.

With more than 31 million premium domains on offer, we can provide access to the largest premium market in the world – a unique feature of AutoDNS. AutoDNS is associated with all registries on the market, numerous well-known domain service providers such as Sedo, ParkingCrew, Sistrix, Majestic, SEMrush and selected domain registrars.

The innovation lies in the bundling of all domain tools in AutoDNS:

  • Buying and selling domains via Sedo
  • Domain parking through Sedo or ParkingCrew
  • Domain Appraisal and historical domain sales data through the Domain Price Check
  • Support of external registrars
  • Keyword Monitoring and Zone Scan
  • Additional domain security services (2FA, DomainSafe, IP Restriction …)

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DomainGang: What are some of the key elements and functions of AutoDNS?

Nadine Jaeger / InterNetX: From now on you will not need multiple providers for your domain business but will be able to control everything centrally via the AutoDNS platform.

One key element to emphasize certainly is the DomainStudio, where you can search and find the right domain free of charge. It also helps you to determine the best price for a domain you would like to sell.

The DomainStudio is based on a self-learning domain search with access to the largest premium domain market in the world.

Many domains are so valuable that they need special protection. Additional services such as DomainSafe or Keyword Monitoring help you protect your portfolio and can easily be ordered in AutoDNS.

Another unique tool provided through AutoDNS is the Trademark Research Service. It enables you to scan nearly all registered domains in 1,750 root zones and thus, helps you to uncover the misuse of brand names. The service can be used independently of where the domain has been registered – it doesn’t have to be managed through InterNetX.

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DomainGang: What are some of the key elements and functions of AutoDNS?

Nadine Jaeger / InterNetX:  The flexible and modular dashboard can be completely customized. The platform is running on the latest technology stack – such as Kubernetes and Ansible.

The white-label interface can be customized via drag & drop, only displaying the functions the user actually needs.

The flexible JSON-API interface allows domain providers to integrate all AutoDNS features into their own solutions.

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DomainGang: What is the price and practical aspects of the AutoDNS platform?

Nadine Jaeger / InterNetX:  Direct accreditation guarantees wholesale pricing for direct users or resellers.

For customers who want to register multiple domains on the same topic, bulk registration is available: It can be carried out in real time – an immensely important function for our customers.

A free SSL certificate comes with each domain managed through AutoDNS. The login to AutoDNS is secured via two-factor authentication.

And did we mention that AutoDNS is free of charge? There is no activation fee or monthly charge. 😉

DomainGang: Thank you Nadine for this detailed information on the AutoDNS platform!

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