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AutoDraw.com : From a $$$ NameJet auction to the hands of Google

It must be great getting AutoDraw.com for $710 dollars on NameJet, and reselling it to Google months later.

Google is now using AutoDraw.com as its AI project for automatic drawing learning.

One gets to draw doodles on the canvas, and the AI software attempts to convert them to commonly identifiable shapes, offering suggestions as well.

This remarkable domain flip, which most likely involved thousands of dollars, is the ultimate manifestation of good luck.

Imagine bidding a few hundred bucks on a nice two-word domain name, and being rewarded by a hefty sale months later.

According to DomainTools, AutoDraw.com was updated in late March; the seller, ProstarDomains, seems to have a sizable inventory of brandable domains and the majority are seeking offers.

Visit AutoDraw.com for a ride on the new Google AI project.

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    Great self portrait !

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