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Avi Schiffmann’s project shares #coronavirus data from a dot .live #domain

Seventeen year old Avi Schiffmann is doing everyone a great service, by sharing good data on the coronavirus global spread.

Avi’s web site is operating on a dot .Live domain name, nCov2019.live, and it’s updated every minute, providing information on the Covid19 statistics around the world.

The web site includes an interactive Google map, Twitter feed, travel advisories along with information on the disease and its prevention, and tips for preparing for quarantine situations.

Says Avi Schiffmann:

“It’s all automated, so I don’t have to input anything manually. The web scraper runs even when I’m sleeping.”

Dot .Live is a new gTLD operated by Donuts, with approximately 724,000 domain names.

While you are there, visit FlattenTheCurve.com and StayTheFuckHome.com as well.

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  1. Santos says:

    Gostaria de receber atualizações sobre o covid 19

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