AYDACFU : Group of premium NNN .XYZ domains “clawed back” by the Registry



The XYZ Registry appears to have clawed back a batch of premium NNN .XYZ domains, registered under the new 1.111B promotion.

A domain investor shared his plight at NamePros:

“I registered all the below domains on 6/1/2017 after searching for 10’s of thousands of numerics to purchase. Since I purchased, I renewed for 1 year and parked.

Last night, all the domains had my 1 year renewal removed without any notification or email (or refund) and all have been put into the Pending Delete status so the parked pages no longer resolve, again, without any notification or email.”

The premium NNN .XYZ domains referenced by this complaint, are the following:

The frustrated domain investor continues:

“It’s ridiculous that a registry can advertise on selling numerics, we research for hours and then buy available numerics from them, and then I’m assuming is going through the processes to steal them back.

I’ve been a supporter of the xyz registry but that may change soon. This may be a warning for all .xyz domain owners if the registry is taking back registered domains.”

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  1. @domains says:

    All your are belong to the XYZ registry.

    Thanks Generation XYZ!

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