Backpack full of aged #domain names found at #NamesCon

NamesCon 2018 might be over, but the fun continues in Las Vegas and the Tropicana venue.

The successful mega-conference’s operators announced that a backpack full of aged domain names has been found in one of the meeting rooms.

“At first we thought it was just a backpack that contained the usual items: two half used bottles of water, an open box of crackers, chapstick, and Frank Schilling’s private number on a piece of paper; looking further, we discovered a wallet with more than two dozen aged domains stuffed inside,” said Mary Jones of NamesCon North America.

The absent-minded domain investor who left these aged domains behind has yet to be found, as they are all registered at Uniregistry with free WHOIS privacy.

“It’s amazing that at this time and age someone would store such valuable domains in a digital wallet and haul it around the conference,” said Mary Jones, adding: “Maybe they were looking to sell to Drew Rosener who buys old domains like it’s candy.”

If you snap out of your post-NamesCon stupor, and discover you’re missing a backpack with old domains, give Mary Jones a buzz at the Tropicana.

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