Bahamas bound: Elliot celebrates birthday with ‘Silver Airways’ sponsorship!

It’s domain investor Elliot Silver’s birthday today, and the big news isn’t that Elliot finally turned 30 years old.

“The big three-oh is an important milestone for all domain investors, but I have better news today,” said Elliot Silver, unveiling his sponsorship agreement with a major airline, Silver Airways.

For the next 5 years, Elliot will be changing the colors of his blog to a beautiful combination of deep pink and royal silver, promoting the flying colors of Silver Airways. The synergy will also give away special discounts to domain investors that choose to fly Silver Airways, through


These plans mean that Tia Wood, who designed Elliot’s blog, will now have to adjust the entire color scheme to match the vivid deep pinks and soothing silvers of Silver Airways; as for Elliot, for the hefty sum involved, who in their right mind would deny such a sponsorship!

“The sponsorship started as a joke really, I was searching for content to place on my and Silver Airways flies to 170 destinations, including Florida and the Bahamas, so it was a natural choice,” added Silver, smiling.

Happy birthday Elliot, and congratulations! 😀

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