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Bendgate II : More than 500,000,000 .XYZ domains prone to Registry bending

Faulty .XYZ microcode, causing gTLD bending issues.

Faulty .XYZ microcode, causing gTLD bending issues.

If you thought that the “Bendgate” problem was an isolated incident affecting the Apple iPhone 6, think again.

According to new reports from nTLDStats, more than 500,000,000 .XYZ domain names, roughly half of the total number of registrations – suffer from QC issues during the registration process.

“It’s a processing flaw, no doubt, the last four bits of the .XYZ microcode were reset during the Network Solutions robo-registration extravaganza, causing gTLD alignment issues,” said Klaus Albert Kinski of nTLDStats.

“Without a Registry reset of the last four bits these .XYZ domains will definitely expire and will get deleted between June and October 2015,” added Kinski, pointing to an Excel spreadsheet that keeps track of robo-registrations.

The domain Bendgate issue affecting half a billion .XYZ domains might not slow down the XYZ Registry’s plans for world domination; they are able to generate millions of .XYZ domains daily without the assistance of Network Solutions where the problem appears to have originated.

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2 Responses to “Bendgate II : More than 500,000,000 .XYZ domains prone to Registry bending”
  1. Loving the coverage!! Going to blow the horn for you buddy!

  2. DomainGang says:

    Daniel – Looking forward to the 1 trillion XYZ domains announcement 😀

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