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Best adult domain name in the world to be registered in South Sudan!

Forget about the .xxx and its controversial entry in the adult TLD namespace!

Due to some serious clashing in the African nation of Sudan, the best adult domain name in the world is currently available for registration.

How so? Here’s some background information.

South Sudanthe newest nation in the world – split away from Sudan in July of this year, thus acquiring its own ISO 3166 code that put it on the international map of TLDs.

It just so happens that the new TLD for South Sudan is .SS

Once the South Sudan committee that handles the Registry realizes the immense potential of their new ccTLD they will most likely release the single character domain A.ss and auction it for thousands of dollars.

Rick Schwartz owns Ass.com and in this case A.ss will be the ultimate domain about that part of the human anatomy that many people obsess about.

We’re not sure if Rick would be interested in acquiring the premium South Sudanese domain A.ss but it will give the .xxx Registry a run for its money 😀

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4 Responses to “Best adult domain name in the world to be registered in South Sudan!”
  1. DomainDon says:

    I’m holding out for, “Pi.ss”

    Just Saying…

  2. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    DomainDon – I’m sure it will be a math project about 3.1415926, right?

  3. BullS says:

    I am holding out B.ss too

    My “BullS’ is already worth tons in gold

  4. Interesting, but that depends, South Sudan might choose to restrict its namespace….although with the goldmine in domains like a.ss, I don’t see that happening. They need the cash!

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