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Best Dot .Christmas ever: Uniregistry rum cakes have arrived!

Many thanks to Frank Schilling and Uniregistry for shipping a nice big box of Caribbean rum cakes to our door, all the way from the Cayman Islands.

As you can see in the photo below, the creative folks of Uniregistry became a permanent part of the rum cake folklore, a tradition that has been going on for several years in the Schilling family.

We wish everyone at Uniregistry Happy Holidays, with lots of success for the years to come! 😀





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3 Responses to “Best Dot .Christmas ever: Uniregistry rum cakes have arrived!”
  1. David says:

    I wish Frank ongoing great success and admire his contributions to the business and excellent products. With that said, I feel so many new tld’s are less successful because the registry owns so many of the best. For example, tried hard to reg my first .christmas but after wasting an hour checking lots of logical names from 1 word to long-tails up to 6 words long I threw in the towel as they were all reg’d by Frank with a few by M. Berkins. It was sad to see this and likelihood of…

  2. wordy.Tv says:

    Hey David seems the grinch does exist !

  3. David says:

    Somebody is using my name(Pros)… I need to register an account here. 😛

    That’s not me, but I didn’t get my rum cake! 🙁

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