Better healthcare: Obama promises Internet reboot every Friday

President Obama will reboot the Internet every Friday.

President Obama will reboot the Internet every Friday.

In an effort to address the recent, persistent issues with the government-sponsored web site,, President Obama announced a series of ground-breaking policies tonight.

“My message to the hard-working American citizen, who is, uh, actively seeking a better health insurance for themselves, and uh, their families, this is uh, what I have to say. Effective tomorrow Friday, the Internet will be rebooted, to, uh, ensure there are no further problems accessing the Healthcare web site.”

President Obama’s commitment to better, cheaper healthcare for all Americans, is paramount in his message, replicated by social media across the Internet.

It is not yet clear, how long it will take to reboot the entire Internet, on a busy day such as Friday.

Technical consultant, Gerry Johnson explains the difficulties surrounding such a drastic intervention:

“Not sure what the President will do, other than flip a switch just like in the old days of nuclear DEFCON preparation,” said Gerry Johnson.

“Personally, I’d rather call my healthcare agents if I need access to big healthcare data, I don’t have to access a government web site, particularly after the NSA incident,” added Johnson.

By rebooting the Internet every Friday, the White House hopes to keep web site latency low and allow for millions more to search for affordable healthcare plans.

Are you ready for tomorrow’s reboot?


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