Biggest penis domain owner loses it via WIPO

Frankfurt – UPI News

The owner of a “biggest penis in the world” domain has apparently lost it via WIPO, in a remarkable case that sets a viable precedent for domain use in the real world. The Complainant – Klaus von Duchemeyer, a 35-year old German male from Munich – claims to have “the biggest penis in the world”.

In an interview with German news channel RTL, Klaus von Duchemeyer demonstrated his trademarked apparatus on camera and stated that his prior use of the term for the past 18 years establishes rights to the .com.

The Respondent has been using the domain name for the past 7 years to advertise sexual enhancements, thus infringing on the Complainant’s mark, the WIPO panel has found.

The all-female, three-member WIPO panel examined all the lengthy evidence very carefully, before rejecting the Respondent’s claims of right to use and issuing an order for a direct transfer of the biggest penis in the world domain name to the Complainant. It is not clear if the information submitted to the WIPO panel contained visual confirmation of the complainant’s trademarked apparatus.

After the verdict, a smiling Klaus von Duchemeyer announced: “I am very very glad for getting my domain and will celebrate accordingly at the Oktoberfest in Bavaria!”. There were no comments from the Respondent, a Tom Thumb from Western Illinois.

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3 Responses to “Biggest penis domain owner loses it via WIPO”
  1. BullS says:

    Will the domain owner lose if She has the Smallest Penis in the world?

  2. As a still-performing porn star (google my stage name– Dave Cummings ), I can opine that it’s all about “functionality”, NOT size, looks, muscles/etc.

  3. tricolorro says:

    “Klaus von Duchemeyer, a 35-year old German male from Munich – claims to have “the biggest penis in the world”.”

    Since Klaus is German, we can assume that “the biggest penis in the world” is uncircumcised.

    Even if he wasn’t German, why lose any of that world class appendage?

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