Bill Kara: Doing the math behind a successful online business

From his first exclusive interview, to the ground-breaking sale of his gaming empire, Bill Karamouzis or Kara, for short – needs very little introduction to those that identify and engage with one of the top entrepreneurs in the industry.

Bill Kara is the type of ever-busy visionary that eventually becomes an iconic figure. While Bill would not accept such a reference due to his humility, he is not far from the characters of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, who defined and changed the purpose and function of technology.

Innovation comes with education, and in today’s modern world that relies increasingly on the sharing of information, being able to produce and provide educational material for the youngest ages lays the foundation for the future generations.

A successful online business relies a lot on the quality of its content, and Bill Kara’s latest venture,, is a combination of education and fun, done with taste; Bill’s “graduation” from the gaming platforms of the past defines the platform’s clean look and feel.

Bill Kara at his new TeachMe headqurters.

Bill Kara at his new TeachMe headquarters.

Says Bill about TeachMe:

“TeachMe developed educational games and apps. By using standardized questions and adaptive learning we hope to change the way kids learn online. We teach students to master a skill instead of simply learning a question.

Our games and apps change based on who’s playing: their mastery of that skill, their experience. As the learner gets better, the game — the curriculum — changes to match the optimal level of difficulty. Players pay attention longer and they learn more. Their time online is never wasted.

At TeachMe, we’re here to help teachers, parents, and students marry learning and the best parts of technology. The first thing children learn is how to play. With TeachMe, they play to learn.”

Currently, all this takes place at a modern, shared workspace facility in Edmonton, Canada – the management company is called Startup Edmonton.

Startup Edmonton provides top tier shared workspaces for entrepreneurs.

Startup Edmonton provides top tier shared workspaces for entrepreneurs.

Bill’s excitement about this modern approach to work environment is evident:

“A lot of people wonder how to pull it off, the use of shared workspaces has been a pretty big boost to us.”

The approach of utilizing the benefits of a shared workspace allows for start-ups to scale up their expenses as they grow, and to effectively interact with the sharp minds of other cohabitants. Essentially, shared workspaces, such as the one in Edmonton, are beehives of creativity, allowing their tenants to accelerate their growth and expand their productivity.

Bill Kara’s Greek background is naturally following the intuition and inventive nature of fellow Greeks; in the middle of a broader European financial crisis imposed by the banking lobbies of the Eurozone, Greek entrepreneurs are thriving at a pace consistent with their North American counter-parts; again, the use of shared work spaces accelerates innovation at a reduced cost.

The success of one’s future depends on how well one plans for it; education lays the foundation and further improves on one’s skills and ability to deflect problems.

There is no doubt, that Bill Kara and his TeachMe initiative, are providing a valuable resource to thousands of daily visitors and a service worthy of recognition and awards.

Many thanks, Bill, for this exclusive interview; wishing you all the best for the future in educational games and beyond!

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  1. Kassey says:

    Bill is truly an inspiration! Thank you. It’s fun to learn again.

  2. DomainGang says:

    Kassey – Indeed, Bill is a world class act and he ups the ante with every acquisition and project.

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