Bing gets ready to eat up Google’s market share!

Bing aspires to eat up a chunk of Google's market size.

Bingthe brainchild of Microsoft – is about to roll out its biggest upgrade ever, promising to transform the search engine industry completely.

While Google is currently accused of tweaking its ranking algorithm to the point that most results are irrelevant, Bing is cleaning up the slate, delivering intuitive results and laying them out in a very legible manner.

According to the new method of displaying results, Bing aims to achieve the following:

  • Improved Web Results: Consumers can perform traditional Web searches faster, with more relevant results using the new, cleaner user interface.
  • Snapshot: Users can quickly complete tasks by viewing useful information related to their searches and compiled by Bing as a single “snapshot” – all in one place in a separate column.
  • Sidebar: Consumers can take action based on the recommendations of friends and experts in the sidebar – displayed in a third column, separate from main Web results page.

The new features in Bing are designed to help people complete tasks combining the best information from the Web, rich data organized in a better way, and the input of friends and experts.

More information at the Bing press release.


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