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Bitcoin madness: Bit Film Fund casts ‘sorority’ hotties to attract crowdfunding

This is how effective marketing is done these days: Mention “Bitcoin” and other cryptocurrencies and you have a great starting point.

Add some visuals of young, attractive actresses depicting hot sorority sisters, and you have a sure winner. 😀


BitFilmFund.com aims at using crowdfunding to finance its upcoming range of movies, and Bitcoin is how they plan to do it:

“Bit Film Fund operates by funding one film at time. Once funding is complete for a film, all new incoming funds go towards the next feature film production. Each BFF feature film project above is allowed 6 months to secure funding. Donations are accepted in all types of currencies, please see REWARD buttons below. Emerging filmmakers do not always have access to the capital to make their films and BFF provides a new avenue to help the films above be completed. Our community of creators and donators is growing, hope you can be a part of our fun BFF group!”

Definitely a great, eye-catching method that should get the funds needed in no time!

For more information, visit BitFilmFund.com.


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