#Bitcoins .com : How Rodolfo Andragnes started the project in 1998 with a 2000 #domain name

Bitcoins.com early logo courtesy of Rodolfo Andragnes

The domain name Bitcoins.com was registered in 2000, preceding the creation of Satoshi Nakamoto by 9 years.

Unbelievable as it may sound, the Bitcoins project started in 1998, when Rodolfo Andragnes, eventual co-founder of Bitcoin Argentina, decided to create a digital currency.

Rodolfo Andragnes registered the domain Bitcoins.com in 2000, to host his Bitcoins project, a form of digital cash on the web.

The original Bitcoins logo was very close to that created by Satoshi Nakamoto. Rodolfo Andragnes kept the domain Bitcoins.com because he liked it.

In 2011, there was an influx of inquiries for the domain, and offers from people who wanted to buy it; at that point, Rodolfo Andragnes found out about Satoshi Nakamoto and his Bitcoin creation.

Rodolfo Andragnes sold the domain to Mark Karpelès, founder of the now defunct exchange Mt. Gox, the leading Bitcoin exchange in the early days of the pioneering cryptocurrency.

There is no information about how much Bitcoins.com was sold for, but it seems that it changed hands on August 30, 2011. It was listed for sale at Sedo, at some point.

Rodolfo Andragnes became so enthusiastic about the Satoshi Bitcoin, that he formed the Bitcoin Foundation for Argentina and organized a Bitcoin conference.

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