Bizplan Labs : Does your business plan really suck ?

Today is Morgan Linton‘s birthday; the busy entrepreneur from California has been enjoying the results of hard work at his start-up, Fashion Metric.

To achieve funding from a group of angel investors that include Mark Cuban, Morgan had to write a great, detailed and accurate business plan.


While anyone can claim they are capable of running a business efficiently, they must put it on record, and if your skills at writing the perfect business plan suck, you need to hire a professional.

Enter, Bizplan Labs, a team of professional business plan writers that you can rely onto. After all, they have helped raise millions of dollars in funding from venture capitalists.

Bizplan Labs help create your solid business plan, along with funding profiles at; their approach is founder-friendly and you can rely on their analytical approach, business expertise and strong business relationships to get the job done.

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