Black Friday deals for #domainers are finally here

Black Friday is the biggest sales event of the year, at least in the US. Billions of dollars are spent to buy gifts for our loved ones, and for ourselves. It helps create a society full of materialistic people that want more things in order to be happy. 😀

Today we’re rolling out “Domainer Black Friday” with several great deals for all domain name investors, that you won’t find elsewhere.

Here are the Top 7 Domainer Black Friday offers for 2019:

  • Free two way authentication lock at GoDaddy – If you are looking for that extra domain protection, now you get it for zero dollars, typically a $9.99 value.
  • Two free price increases for your .ORG domains – Get 10% and another 10% next year from Ethos Capital, for every .ORG domain you renew!
  • Free logo and SEO spam from Indian developers – How to claim: register any domain, then wait 48 hours for the emails and calls to come flooding in.
  • Free common sense lessons about domain name investing – Just follow Rick Schwartz on Twitter: @domainking
  • Free beer and wine – Simply attend the NamesCon 2020 domain auction (requires conference ticket, hotel and flight reservations.)
  • Free “Mike Mann” domains – Register a domain that contains the keywords “mike mann is god” and contact Mike Mann for reimbursement.
  • Free kick in the butt – If you take selfies in the men’s bathroom during NamesCon, and being drunk is not a valid excuse.

Have a great Black Friday and try to spend some money contributing to a good cause – other than your kids’ college beer pong fund, or your wife’s collection of spicy lingerie.

Domainer Black Friday is here – Don’t miss out!

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