Bob Parsons shows up at THE Domain Conference

GoDaddy founder, Bob Parsons, is both a very down to earth person and a larger than life public figure in the domain community, and beyond.

It comes as no surprise, that GoDaddy wanted to leverage its founder’s personality, at THE Domain Conference.

Bob Parsons staffed the GoDaddy exhibit all by himself during the weekend, giving away bags of GoDaddy goodies and autographing copies of his new book, “Once a Marine, Always a Marine” which is a best-seller at Amazon.

“If Mark Zuckerberg can do it, I can do it! GoDaddy for life! Once a Marine, always a Marine!” exclaimed Bob Parsons, referring to yesterday’s opening speech by the Facebook founder.

Among the goodies that the GoDaddy bag contained, were GoDaddy chicken, and printed scratch-off coupons with 50% off discount codes.

THE Domain Conference continues to surprise with its grand selection of domainer speakers and exhibitors; Monday is expected to be yet another busy day in Florida.


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3 Responses to “Bob Parsons shows up at THE Domain Conference”
  1. Joe s says:

    First Mark now Bob! Can’t wait to see who comes tomorrow. Great to see Bob working at the booth

  2. Omar Negron says:

    Nice to see these big names coming down to conferences! Could only be a good thing. Right!?


  3. Hire Domains says:

    Did he bring the elephant? ……(and the sexy gals)

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