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Bob Parsons takes down Vermont bear family on Christmas!

Vermont teddy bears taken down.

Vermont teddy bears were taken down.

GoDaddy founder, Bob Parsons, is known for his affinity to hunting, using high power rifles.

In the past, Bob Parsons participated in the sport of elephant hunting in Africa; that incident caused plenty of controversy.

A new, under-reported incident which occurred on Christmas day, raises the question whether the GoDaddy founder needs to find a new hobby, after a family of Vermont teddy bears was taken down from their display at Macy’s.

“This guy somehow managed to stumble and fall onto the Christmas toy display, which then took several hours to set up,” said Macy’s manager, Samuel Claus.

“He took down our carefully positioned family of Vermont teddy bears, these toys don’t come cheap, you know. So it turns out it’s Bob Parsons, and he was very apologetic and everything,” added Claus.

Eventually, Bob Parsons made a donation to the African children’s fund, a non-profit organization of Macy’s employees that have adopted kids from Congo and Zimbabwe, where Bob Parson’s legacy lives on.

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