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Bodis delivers Forum Unity speech – Acknowledges sale of NamePros

It's time for both domain forum fans to make money!

In a post that could be best described as a “forum unity speech“, the owner of Bodis.com acknowledged the acquisition of NamePros; something he had already disclosed here on DomainGang.

“Confirming the acquisition of Namepros. Good job Acro and DomainGang team on figuring it out.

I disagree with a lot of opinions on Dnforum being better than Namepros, and I disagree with Namepros being better than Dnforum. These are two completely different markets, however there is some overlap.

Namepros is home to a lot of beginners in the industry – and that to me is a very prized asset. This is something that Dnforum doesn’t have. Namepros also has a lot of webmasters and people that are not there just for domaining.

Dnforum has its niche of domainers that have typically more money to spend. And that is great itself too. This is what makes the two forums different.”

Matt closes his post by saying the following:

“So let’s just all have fun and be happy we have such two great communities to buy and sell domains, make money, and meet new contacts from our cozy bedrooms laying down in our pajamas.”

Congratulations to Bodis for making this remarkable statement!

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