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Bodis: Faster PPC payments with a “Net 7” system


More money, faster, with Bodis.

Bodis, the domain parking company, is introducing a new, faster payment system that will definitely please domainers.

Unlike most PPC companies that pay 30-60 days after revenue is accrued in one’s account, Bodis will now be sending out payments following a “Net 7” system; in other words, just a week after the end of the month.

The latest announcement from Bodis explains just that:

“We are excited to announce that, starting this July, we will be processing our users’ payments even faster than before. As you know, we are constantly trying to improve our platform and our service. Therefore, we have decided to spend additional resources to process user payouts on our new NET 7 payment terms. That means that you will be paid out even faster from now on – in just one week after the end of a month. We hope you are as excited about this as we are. If you have any questions regarding this change, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Bodis Support at support@bodis.com.”

This will definitely have some positive effect for current users of the Bodis system, and it might lead to such changes in other PPC companies, such as Sedo.

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One Response to “Bodis: Faster PPC payments with a “Net 7” system”
  1. jon says:

    The best just got even better. Matt and crew have it going on for real!

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