#domain name gets #trademark registration at the #USPTO

Booth Bros, take notice, a new booth page is in town.

In fact, aspires to be a provider of services related to anything and everything that could be demoed in a physical or virtual booth.

The application for the registration of was granted in January 2021 and the mark BOOTHPAGE.COM is now registered with the USPTO.

It’s confusing that the web site no longer displays the online merchant content that secured its mark’s registration, pointing to a standard GoDaddy lander instead. It might be a temporary glitch.

At any rate, Andy Booth operates and that means he’s in control of the family jewels! 😀

But not to worry: is not only James Booth’s and Andy Booth’s last name, it’s also an ultra generic keyword.

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3 Responses to “ #domain name gets #trademark registration at the #USPTO”
  1. MapleDots says:

    There are a million words to add after Booth, the Booth brothers have noting to worry about there.

    If memory serves me correctly the Booth brothers own so they have pretty well established their identity anyways.

  2. DomainGang says:

    MapleDots: Both points mentioned in the article eh! 😀

  3. MapleDots says:

    HeHe, yup but it needed stressing

    Kinda like regardless of what word you add to it Apple will never need your

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