Brand.Bar launches; Site features brandable domains

Domain investor Angela St. Julien launched Brand.Bar today, as a web site to rate, critique and discuss brandable domain names.


A newcomer to domain names, Angela had an impressive presence at NamesCon and until now had pointed Brand.Bar to her Facebook discussion group.

“Here we all have a place where we can bring our brandable domains to get genuine feedback. We can take into consideration the domains length, its sound, its potential uses, its history, and we can share our vision with a logo.

At, we all have a place to help each other, and can focus our efforts on creating an industry standard.”

Brand.Bar now offers the featuring of domains, as well as several “Happy Hour Chats” – discussions conducted by Angela over GoToMeeting.

The content design of Brand.Bar was conducted by Charlotte Gilbert of DomainQueen fame.

For more information, visit Brand.Bar.


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