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Brandable domains at NamesCon: Namerific, YourBrand, Logo.com and Catchy.com

On the final day of NamesCon, the biggest conference for domain professionals, one of the most interesting workshops was about brandable domains and selling them via boutique points of sale.

Richard Lau presented his new venture, Logo.com, that aspires to be a place where a domain marketplace meets home staging.

Joined on stage by Adam Dicker, who displayed good old fashioned Canadian humor by promoting his own new venture, WebCorp, Lau discussed how a great brandable name can define your business. At the same time, Lau equally supported the choice of businesses for strong generics, announcing that he spent $1.35 million to jointly acquire Resume.com, and another $600k for Resumes.com.

Namerific, a brandable domain boutique operated by Mike Navarini, shared the secrets behind buying a domain for a few dollars and selling it for thousands. The brandable domains at Namerific come with professional grade logos.

Industry pioneers, Brand Bucket received an honorable mention, along with YourBrand – a portfolio showcase of brandable domains by Steven Kaziyev. We covered Steven’s venture launch in an exclusive coverage, last year.

Lastly, Francois Carrillo, the French domain entrepreneur who just announced the sale of Domaining.com, was mentioned for his Catchy.com venture, a place to buy short, memorable .com domains.

Adam Dicker shows off Francois Carrillo's Catchy.com

Adam Dicker shows off Francois Carrillo’s Catchy.com

Richard Lau - Logo.com

Richard Lau – Logo.com

Adam Dicker and Mike Navarini (Namerific)

Adam Dicker and Mike Navarini (Namerific) talk about brandable domains.


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3 Responses to “Brandable domains at NamesCon: Namerific, YourBrand, Logo.com and Catchy.com”
  1. Rod.Tv says:

    Welcome to domain lotto ….. brandables !

  2. Matthew says:

    One day Excitemental.com will be among those lists of brandable marketplaces.. fingers crossed ay

  3. Nice photos….lol makes me fell like I am present

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