Brannan’s domain newsletter goodies : Stickshift, stipulation, supernovas and more!

Domain broker, David Clements.

Domain broker, David Clements.

David Clements and his Brannan’s outfit have been brokering some great domains in recent months.

Somehow, Clements gets hold of premium domain inventory at prices that are definitely affordable, even if one isn’t an end user.

We’ve been following the Brannan’s newsletter and quite often pick the best domains to highlight.

Here are today’s domain picks from the most recent issue of the Brannan’s domain newsletter:

  • – At $60,000 one could build one of the best vacation destination portals in the universe. Great name, great price.
  • – Priced at $20,000 this domain costs less than a Lamborghini’s stick, and presents great potential as a car specialty destination. Amazing brand at the price.
  • – For $15,000 your money won’t end up in a black hole. If science is your passion, this is an (inter)stellar domain.
  • – Priced at $12,000 this would be a gold nugget in the hands of a lake property developer. Buy to flip or to build, before the summer’s over.
  • – Seeking only $10,000 for a category defining forum domain; that’s some loose screws right there! Develop into a monster of a community.
  • – For $10,000 one can turn this into a brand for motivational speakers, personal improvement or career coaching. Get off your butt and make it happen!

As always, David Clements would welcome your emails with offers on the above – most prices are as low as they can go but one never knows, so check out

Note: This is not a paid listing. We appreciate good domains, that’s all. Reviews are made independently of Brannan’s and not all inventory listed might be available at the time of this post.

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