Breaking: Donald Trump rolls out campaign on .XYZ domain



Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, announced the immediate formation of a mother company to handle his nomination campaign.

Launching from DonaldTrump.XYZ, the charismatic billionaire shared his campaign’s strategic plan during a fundraiser dinner in Santa Barbara, California.

Daniel Negari, CEO and founder of dot .XYZ was also attending, when Donald Trump delivered his announcement:

“As a conservative Republican and a staunch patriot, I stand behind progress and the belief that our founding fathers had a reason to form this great nation,” said Donald Trump, pausing for emphasis.

“This is a day of infamy, and the future of America will be far greater with my presidential campaign web site, at DonaldTrump.XYZ. With the help of a great team of engineers we’ll build everything on XYZ, fighting illegal immigrants and other potential rapists, something that the Obama administration failed to foresee!” exclaimed Trump, smiling wryly as the crowd applauded.

By launching DonaldTrump.XYZ, the billionaire investor and presidential hopeful is clearly demonstrating the support of conservative Republicans for new domain names and technological innovation.

In the coming days, watch out for more such surprise announcements from the XYZ “dream team” led by Daniel Negari, that will clearly demonstrate the bright future of .XYZ domains.

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  1. Ron Sheridan says:

    When did you guys start doing posts from TheOnion,com?

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