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BREAKING: The Dallas Cowboys acquire Cowboys .com for $7.9 million

The Cowboys have lost their logo creator.

The Dallas Cowboys have finally done it.

In a nutshell: The Dallas Cowboys have finally acquired that elusive domain name, Cowboys.com – for a multi-million dollarcash & stock” package deal.

“We’re here to make amends for the 2007 domain fiasco, and we’re a team that will bring many remarkable trophies to our numerous fans,” said the Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones.

“Our fans have waited too long for this day, and I’m happy to say that we got a fair deal for the domain name,” added Jones.

The package deal includes a $4.9 million cash portion, a $2 million premium stock portion and a ‘joint venture‘ package – worth $1 million in today’s pricing. The entire deal was brokered by Smiths & Wessons, a prestigious law firm from Austin, Texas.

“Finally, no more gay ads for our fans to gawk at,” said Jerry Jones. “Not that I have anything against that, but I can assure you the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders would turn even a gay guy straight!” exclaimed Jones.

The domain transfer has not completed yet; if you are still interested in cowboy personals, now it’s the time to browse Cowboys.com before it turns into a football portal.

Congratulations to the domain investors team that are witnessing their $370,00 investment turn into pure gold.

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2 Responses to “BREAKING: The Dallas Cowboys acquire Cowboys .com for $7.9 million”
  1. Frank says:

    Worth every cent!

  2. Rich says:

    Aprils fools !!!

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