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Breaking: Thousands of deleted domains recovered in operation ‘Domain Freedom’

Thousands of deleted domains believed to have been forever lost, were recovered Sunday morning in an unprecedented technological breakthrough.


Domains registered as back as 1987, were restored in the master boot records of the registry, Verisign; the effort of microcode restoration lasted four months, in an operation dubbed ‘Domain Freedom‘.

“We can definitely say that some of the most premium domains that were deemed lost for over two decades, are now fully restored,” said Verisign spokesperson, Amanda Jean Pappas.

“The innovative software provided by key cryptologists in the field, made this all possible; we are talking about at least 7,500 .com and .net domains valued in the millions of dollars,” added Pappas.

The full recovery of such deleted domains expands the field of data renovation and TLD resurrection, with the help of technologies used by the NSA to infiltrate thousands of computer networks worldwide. The same technology is utilized by Minds+Machines to spontaneously create new valuable gTLDs.

In late 2013, Verisign applied for patent 11220736-B with the USPTO, for domain microcode recovery services. While that patent is still pending, GoDaddy’s similar application has been suspended.

More details soon to be added in a news update, as it unfolds.


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