Brent Oxley saga almost over as #domains moved to #Namecheap

Brent Oxley‘s saga is almost over; a cache of valuable domains totaling millions of dollars were kept locked at GoDaddy, without a court verdict supporting that decision.

An Indian self-styled broker’s attempt to abuse the GoDaddy system of locking domains “under dispute” backfired this week, as GoDaddy announced changes to how it’ll be handling such disputes from now on.

A group of Brent Oxley’s domains that were involved in a lawsuit filed at an Indian court very cheaply, were unlocked by GoDaddy and are already at Namecheap. The bulk of these domain transfers occurred yesterday, with currently unlocked and pending transfer: – pending transfer

Along this list of domains is Brent Oxley’s crown jewel,, which is a new venture offering web hosting services to “creative people.”

It’s a field that Oxley is all too familiar with, having founded, a venture he sold for almost $300 million dollars in 2012.

GoDaddy made the announcement about changes to its policies effective immediately, both on Twitter and at NamePros.

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