Brewski & Brewski: Bro, are you on vacation?

When it comes down to handling domain inquiries via a domain broker, none hits the spot more than Uniregistry‘s “are you on vacation” response.

Brewski & Brewski, the dynamic domain brokers that are also brothers, aim even higher.

“We actually hired a real public relations company to come up with the best responses to domain inquiries, who does this?” asks Bruce Brewski, picking his teeth with a gold pick.

“At Brewski & Brewski we spend thousands of dollars in this business, every month, bro. Domain brokerage is a serious investment, and we do it better than anyone else,” he exclaims.

Hiring legendary PR company, One For the Money LLC, was a natural choice for the busy brothers.

Brewski & Brewski : It's all about the benjamins, bro.

Brewski & Brewski : It’s all about the benjamins, bro.

Bobby Brewski, a staunch Democrat, explains:

“This is an election year, and things are tough. The tough get going, and we’re ready and willing to take on every other domain brokerage, hands down. We will beat you, and that’s not a threat, it’s a promise!”

Some of the responses that Brewski & Brewski secured for their clientele includes the following trademarked phrases:

  • Bro, are you on vacation? Can you even afford one? Answer my damn emails already.
  • For realz now, make a goddamn offer above $100.
  • I don’t think you’re ready for this domain jelly!
  • My client thinks you’re full of shit. Who buys a six figure domain to build a blog?
  • RU mad bro? We have it, you want it, either u buy it, or GTFO.
  • Cybersquatter this, bitch! (explicit pic attached)
  • Sergei will break both of your legs if you miss one domain payment again.

By utilizing such outstanding communication skills, the Brewski Bros are able to leverage large domain portfolios, generating nine figures USD annually.

Pay them a visit at – or GTFO.

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