Brexit : Donuts offers to buy Britain’s domain assets for $70 million dollars!

Following the devastating domino effect of Brexit, all British assets are currently valued at millennium-old lows.

Seizing this opportunity, Donuts, Inc. has apparently placed a sizable offer to buy Britain’s ccTLD for the sum of $70 million USD.

Donuts, Inc. CEO, Paul Stahura, sent a letter to the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, this morning, with the following:

Dear David:

Following due consideration, we have concluded that it is in the best interest of both Donuts Inc. (“Donuts”) and the subjects of the British Empire (“Britain”) that Donuts should publicly present our interest in acquiring Britain’s entire generic top-level domain (“”) portfolio and related assets (the “Transaction”). To date, we have expressed our interest in the Transaction in a May 26, 2016 letter to Her Majesty the Queen. She was not amused.

Our proposal represents an undeniably compelling case for all parties involved, under the light of Brexit.

For Donuts, Britain’s collection of national ccTLD complements Donuts’ current business and expands the range of domains and related services we can offer, bolstering what is already the greatest range of “not-com” options and economies of scale in the registry market today.

For the British Empire and its royal subjects, separating royalty and registry businesses would unlock substantial value for both businesses by, among other things, allowing each to focus on their strengths and avoiding Eurozone conflict. We firmly believe that Donuts offers Britain a differentiated ability to consummate the Transaction in an efficient manner and with an exceptionally high level of certainty.

Very truly yours,


The offer of $70 million dollars is non-binding, but represents an open attempt to secure and preserve Britain’s domain legacy, in the light of the financially devastating Brexit.

Let’s hope that they will consider!

Donuts is making an offer for Britain’s domain assets.

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