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Brokerage: Million dollar #domains for sale at Lumis

Domain brokerage house, Lumis, has released its latest newsletter containing premium domain names.

Specializing in generic, dictionary .com domains, Lumis taps the end-user market, along with investors with deep pockets.

The latest newsletter from Lumis contains several six and seven figure properties.

Here’s a partial list of the domains available exclusively through Lumis.com:

  • Vehicles.com – $2.5 million
  • Improve.com – $2.2 million
  • Everest.com – $1 million
  • Modern.com – $300k
  • Supportive.com – $225k
  • Wind.com – $500k
  • Taste.com – $650k
  • Uniforms.com – $500k
  • Clink.com – $100k
  • Behave.com – $150k
  • Cambridge.com $495k

For more information, visit Lumis.com.

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